Cyber Security for Cloud Transformations

Assets, applications and code in the cloud create new attack vectors whose vulnerabilities cybercriminals exploit. Prevent unauthorized access with data loss and harden your cloud with specific compliance policies by drawing on our expertise.

Cloud Security Strategy

Harden Your Cloud Attack Surface

Ongoing vulnerability assessments are critical to cloud application security. With specific penetration testing in the cloud, you can minimize risk to find and fix vulnerabilities. Get an overview of the cloud application threat landscape. Identify security vulnerabilities as you move to the cloud and significantly reduce the risk of an attack. Minimize vulnerabilities in your cloud applications so you don't put your customers at risk!


Recognize misconfigurations!

Grow Beyond Your Cloud Vulnerabilities

Jumping from console to console to keep up with cyber risks in the cloud can leave your organization vulnerable and overwhelm your teams. You need a consolidated security platform. Unify vulnerability insights and reporting from multiple sources into a single software solution. Detect cloud misconfigurations to prevent indiovidual attacks.


turingsecure as a Cyber Security Solution

The Advantages of Modern Cloud Security

Our platform offers novel as well as established methods for application security enhancement and hardening. We are DSGVO compliant and eliminate cloud concerns with native encryption directly in the browser.

Statement forces vulnerability representation

Score vulnerabilities using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) to create a common language for severity of flaws and enable consensus among multiple stakeholders.

Reduction of costs and risk

Cloud-first organizations need continuous security monitoring to uncover vulnerabilities, identify remediation strategies and improve operational efficiency.

Holistic cloud security strategy

With built-in visibility and meaningful reporting format, you can assess cloud security risks before they disrupt business processes or cause reputational damage.

Solve complex security and compliance requirements with us!

Cyber Security Platform

Scalable protection for your cloud

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Proven processes and trained experts
Benefit from many years of experience! Penetration tests are planned, conducted and evaluated by our specially trained security engineers according to recognized standards. In this way, we master the order-specific requirements every time and flexibly master new challenges.
Reports that really help
The final report is the tool for your company to plan efficient security measures and close security gaps. It provides a guideline for investments in IT security and is thus the basis for sustainable security.
Protect architecture permanently
There is no such thing as absolute security, because software is constantly evolving. With regular checks, we lay the foundation for lasting security of your architecture.
Certification for your company
Our pentest creates a double added value. Besides more security for your system, we have developed an effective certification system. The certificate can be integrated directly into your website and sends a clear message to your customers: "You are safe with us!"