Configuration Management / Automatic Reference Counting (Arc) not Enforced

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Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) not enforced is a type of Configuration Management vulnerability (CWE-822) that occurs in mobile applications and iOS. It is an issue where a reference count is not correctly enforced and allows memory to be accessed even when the reference count is 0 or less. This can lead to data corruption and memory leaks, resulting in application crashes.


The risk associated with this vulnerability is high as it can lead to application crashes, data corruption, and memory leaks. This can potentially lead to the unauthorized access of sensitive information and the malicious manipulation of data.


A solution to this vulnerability is to ensure that reference counting is correctly enforced by applying proper coding conventions and design principles. Additionally, the use of automated security testing tools can help identify and address any issues related to reference counting.


The following code example illustrates a situation in which ARC is not enforced:

class MyClass { 
  var refCount: Int 
  init() { 
    refCount = 0 
  func incrementCount() { 
    refCount += 1 
  func decrementCount() { 
    refCount -= 1 

In this example, the reference count is not correctly enforced, which can lead to memory leaks, data corruption, and application crashes.

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