Input Validation / Insecure File Provider Paths Setting

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Insecure File Provider Paths Setting is a vulnerability categorized as an Input Validation vulnerability (CWE-20) that occurs in Android and Mobile App ecosystems. This vulnerability can allow attackers to access files on a device through file provider paths that are not properly configured. It can also allow attackers to manipulate files on the device if they gain access. This vulnerability can be exploited to access sensitive data stored on the device, or to inject malicious content into the file system. (Reference: OWASP Testing Guide).


The risk of this vulnerability is high due to the potential for attackers to access sensitive data or inject malicious content into the file system. It can result in data theft, extortion, or malware infection. Additionally, it can be difficult to detect, as it is often found in code that is not regularly audited or tested.


To address this vulnerability, access to file provider paths should be restricted, and any access should be limited to only the necessary files. Additionally, any access should be logged and monitored, so that any suspicious activity can be detected and addressed.


The following example code shows an example of an insecure file provider path setting:

  new File(getFilesDir(), “my_file.txt”));

In this example, the file provider path is not properly secured, allowing an attacker to gain access to the file.

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