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IPA Frameworks List vulnerability is a type of platform usage vulnerability that affects mobile applications and iOS devices. This vulnerability was first documented in the CWE directory (CWE-921) as a vulnerability that allows an attacker to bypass the application’s security features and gain access to the underlying framework. The OWASP Testing Guide defines this vulnerability as “an attack on the application’s security mechanisms that rely on the application’s ability to protect the IPA framework list.” This vulnerability allows attackers to access and launch malicious code on the device.


The risk of this vulnerability is high as it can allow attackers to gain access to sensitive data stored on the device, as well as potentially launch malicious code. The risk assessment for this vulnerability is High, as it allows access to sensitive data and potentially malicious code.


The best solution to this vulnerability is to properly secure the IPA frameworks list. This can be done by removing any unnecessary frameworks, hardening the list of frameworks and using web application firewalls to block malicious requests. Additionally, the application should use code signing to verify the authenticity of any code that is executed on the device.


Below is an example of code from the CVE directory that shows a vulnerable IPA Frameworks List vulnerability:

if (check_ipa_frameworks_list() == true) {
  // execute code
} else {
  // throw error

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