Smart Contract / Missing Protection against Signature Replay Attacks



Missing Protection Against Signature Replay Attacks is a vulnerability (CWE-345) in Smart Contracts which occurs when a contract system fails to provide protection against signature replay attacks. Signature replay attacks are a type of attack in which a malicious user obtains a valid signature from a legitimate user and then replays the signature to gain access to the system. The lack of protection against these attacks can lead to a variety of security issues, including unauthorized access and data leakage. The OWASP Testing Guide recommends testing for signature replay attacks by signing a message with a valid signature, then reusing it for a different purpose to see if the system allows it.


This vulnerability poses a significant risk to the integrity of the system. If signature replay attacks are not prevented, malicious users can use a valid signature to gain access to the system and potentially gain access to sensitive data. Furthermore, if the system does not have adequate protection against these attacks, it could lead to unauthorized access to the system and data breaches.


To prevent signature replay attacks, the system must provide protection against them. This can be done by implementing a nonce-based system or by using a timestamp-based system. In a nonce-based system, each signature request must include a unique nonce value that is used to verify the request and prevent replay attacks. In a timestamp-based system, the system checks the timestamp of the request to ensure it is within a given time window, thereby preventing replay attacks.


The following code is an example of a nonce-based system for preventing signature replay attacks. The code checks for a valid nonce, and if the nonce is not valid, it will not allow the request to be processed.

// Check for valid nonce
if (nonce != expectedNonce) {
    // Nonce is not valid
} else {
    // Nonce is valid

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