This is turingsecure.

We offer the latest cutting edge technology with the highest data security. Our agile way of working enables us to provide the latest security software at an international level.


Our Philosophy

We use technologies that approach the frontiers of cutting-edge knowledge. As we are a leading and innovative organisation in the IT industry, we call ourselves 'cutting edge'.

Data security, end-to-end encryption and high availability are the cornerstones of our solution. This implies the comprehensive protection of data during transmission, processing and storage. We rely on the "security-by-design principle" in the constant compliance with data protection.

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Our Company

We see ourselves as pioneers of modern software, technology and cryptography. We eliminate the fear of cloud systems through encryption and to adhere to compliance guidelines. Our parent company also offers extensive expertise, which we can additionally incorporate into our platform.

Our software solutions offer the highest level of security with usability, which is often in direct conflict. The close cooperation with turingpoint enables us to pour the knowledge and experience from security services into modern software. We are proud to be able to deliver high creativity, modern corporate culture & meticulous work from the heart of Hamburg!

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Persons behind turingsecure


Visionary thinking drives us to reach ever new milestones and ensures the sustainable development of the platform.

  • Jan Kahmen

    Jan Kahmen

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • Till Oberbeckmann

    Till Oberbeckmann

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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