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DevOps Security in Web Development

DevOps Security means that in modern development environments, security processes are not only selectively but firmly integrated into the software development. Security processes must not block development processes and must integrate into existing toolchains and environments.


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Continuous Security

Progressive development environments are characterized by extremely short release cycles. Those who only perform conventional penetration tests selectively and at long intervals in such environments run the risk of "overlooking" serious process-related weak points.

“In the past 12 months alone, we had 50M deployments to development, testing, and production hosts.”

Werner Vogels (CTO - Amazon)

In a highly dynamic production environment, automation is the key to success. Many issues in the development process have been addressed by automation solutions for many years. With our solutions, security processes of your software development can now be automated and integrated into modern toolchains, CI systems and bug tracking platforms.

Trinity of Web Security

Security for Web applications can be represented in progressive development environments by the following three elements: Conventional penetration testing, automated vulnerability scans and bug bounty programs. Even though conventional penetration tests can no longer be used today solely for reliable vulnerability identification in web applications, they are still indispensable in progressive security concepts. The results of the automatic vulnerability scans reduce the effort and give the penetration testers more time to concentrate on identification-intensive vulnerabilities. For additional finds, a bug bounty program should be run to crowd-sourced competencies.

DevOps Security - Trinity of Web Security


With our services we offer you fully integrated security solutions for your development process. This DevOps security service ensures that all security-related and non-security-related data is made available to all stakeholders associated with the process. Our experts will support you from setting up scan routines to evaluating the results and implementing countermeasures.

Our cloud platform provides comprehensive dashboard, reporting and management capabilities.

Test Scope

Our web security scanner solution is able to identify vulnerabilities from all categories of the OWASP Top 10 and the OWASP Testing Guide v5:

  • Collection of information
  • Configuration Management
  • Session Management
  • Error Handling
  • Identity Management
  • Authentication
  • Authorizations
  • Input Validation
  • Cryptography
  • Business Logic
  • Clientside Vulnerabilities
  • API's
  • Patch Management

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