Configuration Management / Members of Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access group


The Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access (Pre-Win2k Comp-Access) group in Active Directory is a legacy group that provides backward compatibility for older systems. This group is designed to grant permissions to pre-Windows 2000 operating systems, allowing them to access resources in an Active Directory environment. However, a vulnerability has been identified in the way this group's privileges are managed, potentially leading to unauthorized privilege escalation.


Unauthorized users exploiting this vulnerability could elevate their privileges within the Active Directory environment. By gaining membership in the Pre-Win2k Comp-Access group, an attacker may acquire additional permissions beyond their intended level, compromising the security of sensitive resources and data. This could result in unauthorized access to critical information, unauthorized modifications, or even a complete compromise of the Active Directory infrastructure.


Conduct regular access reviews to identify and remove unnecessary members from the Pre-Win2k Comp-Access group. Ensure that only users who genuinely require compatibility with pre-Windows 2000 systems retain membership. Whenever possible, upgrade and migrate older systems to modern, supported operating systems. This reduces the reliance on the Pre-Win2k Comp-Access group and helps eliminate the associated security risks.

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