Information Leakage / Sensible Information in Database Leak Discovered

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Sensible information in database leak discovered is an IT vulnerability that falls under the category of Information Leakage. This vulnerability occurs when an attacker is able to gain access to sensitive information stored in a database, often as a result of poor security protocols or a data breach. According to the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) directory, this vulnerability is a type of CWE-200, which includes related vulnerabilities such as improper access control and insufficient authentication. The OWASP Testing Guide also provides a description of this vulnerability, and details potential attack vectors.


The risk associated with this vulnerability is high, as attackers may be able to gain access to confidential information stored in databases, leading to potential harm to individuals or organizations. Additionally, attackers may be able to gain access to financial data, customer records, and other sensitive information, leading to potential financial losses and reputational harm.


The best way to eliminate this vulnerability is to ensure that all databases are properly secured with robust authentication protocols and access control measures. Additionally, organizations should ensure that all databases are regularly monitored and tested to ensure they are not vulnerable to attack.

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