Information Leakage / SNMP Agent Default Community Name (Public)



SNMP Agent Default Community Name (public) is an Information Leakage vulnerability that occurs in Infrastructure. It is identified as CWE-259 and is classified as a weakness in the OWASP Testing Guide. The vulnerability is caused when a system has the default community name set to public which results in the leakage of sensitive information.


The risk associated with this vulnerability is high as it can lead to an attacker obtaining sensitive data. An attacker can use this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to a system, modify configurations, and even launch malicious attacks.


The best way to solve this vulnerability is to make sure that the SNMP Agent Default Community Name is changed to something other than public. This should be done on all systems that use the SNMP protocol. Additionally, the SNMP protocol should be disabled on systems where it is not needed.


The following example is from CVE-2014-3367. It shows how an attacker can exploit the vulnerability by using a default community string of “public”.

snmpwalk -c public -v1 IP_address

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