Identity Management / SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted



SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted is a vulnerability in the identity management category of the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) directory. It occurs when an SSL certificate is not validated and the user is not sure if the website they are visiting is genuine or not. This vulnerability can be tested using the OWASP Testing Guide. The vulnerability occurs in the infrastructure layer of a system and can be triggered by a user visiting a website that has an invalid SSL certificate.


The vulnerability of SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted poses a high risk to a system. It can potentially expose sensitive information to attackers, resulting in data breaches or financial losses. Additionally, it can cause reputational damage to organizations if sensitive customer data is leaked.


The best solution to remediate the vulnerability of SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted is to ensure that all SSL certificates are properly validated before the user visits the website. This can be done by verifying the certificate's issuer, date of issue and expiration date. Additionally, secure protocols such as TLS can be employed to encrypt the data in transit.

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