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XaaS - Everything as a Service

Moving services and applications to the cloud has many advantages. Everything-as-a-Service has become a very successful concept.


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The trend towards cloud based services has brought many advantages. And this doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Numerous cloud services are available. Using them collectively is commonly referred to as “XaaS”, “EaaS” or “Everything as a service”.
Opting to use everything as a service offers a company significant advantages. While this approach comes with a higher need for security, the rewards out way the risks significantly.

Everything as a Service - What ist XaaS?

Service-based IT is probably the biggest change in the professional technology landscape since at least the 2000s. Using cloud solutions to store and use data, applications and more comes with a multitude of benefits. Including lower cost, the option for managed services, higher flexibility and agility as well as sheer capacity.
No wonder the amount of available cloud services seems nearly endless. Storage and computing power are probably the most famous. But monitoring, networking, virtualization, applications as well as others are equally available and offer significant benefits.

Why do Companies adopt XaaS?

Moving all - or at least a high number - services and applications to the cloud has many advantages. XaaS has grown to be a highly successful concept:
It offers flexibility
Brings an easier management of resources
Removes the need to run expensive and error-prone IT-departments yourself
The flexibility of everything as a service is the foundation for any meaningful digital transformation. EaaS has become somewhat of a synonym for digitalization altogether. More and more corporations keep most or all of their data in the cloud. They are changing their infrastructure and organization faster than ever.

Benefits of XaaS for Customers

It’s easy to see why a company would choose an everything software approach: interconnectivity and accessibility are excellent and can easily accommodate a remote workforce. As well as a fast-growing, fast moving environment.
No matter if it is a startup or a big, international corporation: EaaS/Everything as a service allows companies to move faster, grow and transform as needed. Thanks to cybersecurity for cloud transformations, security can match this speed without missing a step.
Everything as a Service solutions
SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, XaaS… it is easy to get confused by the amount of services available. The bottom line is that all today's IT-needs can be met through cloud solutions. From small cloud storage, databases or software applications to full datacenters, infrastructure or a complete security solution.

Challenges for XaaS Providers

An EaaS/everything as a service approach is not without its challenges: The security measures necessary to protect your data and the data of your customers are staggering. A professional incident response is unavoidable, as is vulnerability management and reporting.
Besides security concerns: the switch to a service-based approached is bound to ruffle some feathers in any corporation. Parts of IT-departments become obsolete and streamlined processes quickly show unnecessary overhead. This is a change that many people instinctively fear.

XaaS and Security as a Service

Security as a service is an integral part of the “everything” in EaaS. Through attentive vulnerability disclosure, and the long list of other features: our all-in-one security as a service platform is the ideal partner for a service based infrastructure.

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