Vulnerability Disclosure Bug Bounty Program

Bug bounties motivate hackers to find vulnerabilities in software. Fair treatment and appropriate remuneration encourage them to report the gaps to the company.

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Vulnerability and Incident Reporting Process

Vulnerability Disclosure

It is essential that software or hardware vendors can quickly fix vulnerabilities before malicious actors can find and exploit them. Our Vulnerability Disclosure describe the process for security researchers to securely report vulnerabilities. The identified vulnerabilities are then directly reviewed for accuracy and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders in the organization.


Tenders for Bonuses

Bug Bounty Program

Collective vulnerability identification is essential, so bug bounties that reward researchers for finding vulnerabilities.

Often, bug bounty programs are implemented along with internal code audits and penetration testing as part of an organization's vulnerability management.


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Reward for Vulnerability Disclosures

The Advantages of a Modern Bug Bounty Program

Why should your company participate in a Bug Bounty? In short: You get scalable and profound knowledge from an agile process that is designed to be transparent and, above all, effective.

Scalable Cyber Security

Provide all the information about your IT systems so that you can draw on the in-depth knowledge of all security researchers.

Transparent & Effective

Show your customers your commitment to security. Build trust through your public bug bounty programs.


The pentest for critical IT infrastructures (KRITIS) tests the security of e.g. server systems, VPN systems, WLAN networks and firewalls. As a basis for secure applications, the system as well as the network infrastructure must not be neglected.