Security Incident Response: Respond Effectively to Security Incidents

View incidents in an IT context, accelerate investigations, and respond to threats with our expertise.

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Resolve alerts seamlessly with manual intervention by skilled personnel. Bring our expertise to your teams and rely on speed, maximum flexibility, data security and optimal assessment. The causes of security incidents are many and often cannot be properly assessed right away. Correct identification and assessment is an essential part of a successful cyber security strategy.


Sequence of the Process

Phases of an Incident Management Plan

The standard incident investigation cycle can be run through differently depending on the alignment of the processes. Our workflow is customizable.


The team must be informed about possible incidents in existing processes. Furthermore, the procedures for prevention, which are followed in case of damage, must be known to all stakeholders.


Thorough analysis of the security incident and classification of the threat. Determination of whether there is a security incident or a false report.


Determine short- and long-term strategy for incident containment to prevent further escalation. Take all steps for mitigation and isolate existing systems if necessary.


Their seamless records are traceable, making them suitable for compliance reporting.


Continuous monitoring helps visualize IT security status in real time, minimizing downtime in the IT infrastructure.

Lessons Learned

Continuous review stands for comprehensive insight into the IT infrastructure. This means that the entire IT landscape is more transparent, which also benefits the work with DevSecOps.

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Cyber Security Plattform

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Proven processes and trained experts
Benefit from many years of experience! Penetration tests are planned, conducted and evaluated by our specially trained security engineers according to recognized standards. In this way, we master the order-specific requirements every time and flexibly master new challenges.
Reports that are really helpful
Der Abschlussbericht ist das Werkzeug für Ihr Unternehmen, um effiziente Sicherheitsmaßnahmen zu planen und Sicherheitslücken zu schließen. Er bietet einen Leitfaden für Investitionen in die IT-Sicherheit und ist so die Grundlage für nachhaltige Sicherheit.
Protect architecture permanently
There is no such thing as absolute security, because software is constantly evolving. With regular checks, we lay the foundation for lasting security of your architecture.
Certification for your company
Our pentest creates a double added value. Besides more security for your system, we have developed an effective certification system. The certificate can be integrated directly into your website and sends a clear message to your customers: "You are safe with us!"