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Backup file is an authorization vulnerability that occurs when an application does not properly restrict access to backup files, such as database backups. This type of vulnerability allows an attacker to gain access to sensitive data, such as passwords and personal information, which can be used to gain further access to the system. This vulnerability is listed in the CWE directory as CWE-275, and is listed in the OWASP Testing Guide in the Information Gathering section.


Backup file vulnerabilities can be used to gain access to confidential data, enabling an attacker to gain further access to the system. In addition, they can also lead to data leakage and information disclosure, as well as data manipulation, which can cause serious damage to a system.


The best way to prevent this vulnerability is to ensure that all backup files are properly protected from unauthorized access. This can be accomplished by implementing proper access control measures, such as restricting access to a certain user group or requiring authentication for access.

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